Help: Looking for a day 2 dress for the pool party at my wedding

Hey! I get married in September and for the day 2 we are going to have a pool party. I love a halter dress and want something classy and elegant for under £350. The theme is Club Tropicana however I’m going to go for more of a Slim Aaron’s vibe. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you


I suggest having a look at the following:

Thank you so much for these! I should have specified but I was hoping for something white or gold please :pray:t2:

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You might want to check these out:

Hi Elizabeth

A couple that are white, but with a tropical twist…

Mint Velvet


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Are you thinking of a mini style or longer?
Love this subtle sequin mini style from Rixo,

Rixo also has longer options

Reformation is a great brand to look at for this price point, this style is so chic

Cult Mia is a good site to have a look on, this one is really pretty

I also love the brand Shona Joy for this style of dress!

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Love these options Florence!

I would also have a look at Realisation Par, this dress is pretty


This is SUCH a goodie and on my wishlist, plus you would wear it on holiday x

I totally agree with Florence, Reformation is always great - i love this style.