Hen do games ideas

Looking for some inspiration for fun games to play on a hen do. We will be playing Mr and Mrs with the bride but any other good ideas would be very welcome! Thank you!

My sister demanded we played the knicker game - everyone buys the bride to be a pair of knickers and she had to guess who they’re from! We also hired a drag queen and played musical bingo - a lot of fun after a few cocktails x

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My maid of honour organised a murder mystery for part of my hen, it was so fun! We all had different characters and scripts to follow and had to guess who the murderer was. Lots of silly accents! She’d found it online so I’m sure there’s loads of that sort of thing available.

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Everyone has to write down a funny story about themselves during dinner that no one knows, and then the bride has to read them out loud and guess whose is whose. always full of revelations…!


Kind of a game and really funny but does take some planning.
Dress as the bride when you met her, i.e school uniform for school friends, sports kit for uni sports team etc. Bring photo evidence from that period of time as proof! Great way to reminisce.