Hermes Oran- sole protector

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I wanted to know how I can protect my new Hermes Orans , I don’t want the soles to get scuffed, and was wondering if there was anything I could place on the soles or any recommended reputable cobblers I can. take them too? I know Timpsons, cover soles but wanted to know from the SL community what others recommend. Thanks in advance, Helen

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Definitely go to an old style shoe repairers. Obv you don’t need red bottoms but they will most probably have the same pro brand soles in black. Check youtube for the protective sole name!!

Thanks @pocketminxuk , great suggestion-. The soles are natural leather sole pale colour , so black won’t work. I will need them to colour match the sole or offer clear covering , I’ve seen some on Amazon, but they’ve not got the best reviews!

Yes, the protective soles from the shoe repairers ONLY, pay for a decent job, not DIY mail order so shoe is correctly balanced.

Cassali italy are a pro preferred. Not sure where in Uk youre based. My local repairer has protective soles for men/ladies in assorted colours.

Although you could but from Internet, you wont have the repair guarantee

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