Hermes Sandals resole

I’ve just noticed my the sole of my Hermes sandals of 5 years are looking low at the ball of my foot. Is there a professional service for this or what specifically do I need to ask a cobbler to do? Will the likes of Timpson do something or is there a perhaps safer/more professional option? Thanks!!

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I’d definitely recommend something a bit more professional so it has the best chance of being repaired back to its best condition. Check out this article for some local choices:

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Great! Thank you!

I would recommend The Seam for shoe repairs!

Hermes have a repair service I believe. I’d suggest giving them a call

Harrods cobbler, I take all my shoes there and have had Balenciaga boots resoled. But if Hermes offer the service or recommend a cobbler I would go with that option first.