Hidden veg recipes

My in-laws are coming to visit for a week and mum is trying to eat healthy but dad doesn’t really like vegetables. Can anyone recommend recipes that are full of healthy nutrients but don’t seem like they’re full of veggies? I’m planning to make a homemade bolognese sauce but other than that I’m a bit stuck!


Hi @jennirichardson,

You could try homemade soup made with lots of veggies, or cook your own curry that is tomato based with no cream. Or how about a delicious fragrant stir-fry packed with vegetables and a good source of protein such as chicken. Another idea is ‘healthy’ burgers, using lean meat or veggie patties with tomato, lettuce and brown bread buns - or go ‘bun-less’.
Another idea could be to offer alternatives to your mum, such as cauliflower rice instead of white rice (this pack takes just a few minutes in the microwave).

I hope this is helpful.
Riana x

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These recipes are really packed with veg, but are fun enough for everyone to enjoy without feeling like they’re missing out!

I actually recommend the whole cookbook!

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Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jools’ Pregnant Pasta’ is basically a tomato sauce with blended sausage, carrot, spring onion and celery.

Its a fave in my house and super easy!

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This might be an obvious suggestion, but Deliciously Ella’s recipes are great and proof that plant-based food doesn’t need to be boring! The books are great, but you’ll also find loads of recipes on her app (I think there’s a 7-day free trial and then it’s £3 a month). To give you a feel, this IG post has plenty of inspo! I always think creamy pastas (veg-based mac and cheese?!) and curries go down well with meat eaters. Deliciously Ella on Instagram: "Ten delicious, plant-based recipes to make this week 🌱 1. Creamy mushroom orzo 2. Nutty sweet potato & quinoa salad 3. Courgette & potato gratin 4. Bang bang cauliflower 5. Harissa tofu wraps 6. Tofu grain bowl with miso tamari sauce 7. Sweet potato gnocchi 8. Creamy peas on toast 9. Tomato mac & cheese 10. Spring bolognese For all the details tap the link in our bio, they’re part of the huge recipe library we have on our app. Over 1,000 simple, delicious, plant-based recipes for just £24.99 a year 🌱"

Good luck!

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Love these ideas, thank you so much! I was thinking of a healthy ‘fakeaway’ on Saturday night so homemade burgers with healthier ingredients sound fantastic x

These all sound delicious! Love the sound of ‘In Hell’ haha

Haha – yes, a good name!

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This pasta is super yummy and hides peas and asparagus in the sauce :slight_smile:

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