High Street Black Jeans

Anyone got any tips for fav black jeans on the high street?

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Abercrombie are brilliant at jeans and inclusive with sizing! Their wide leg trousers are the best (they always sell out!)

H&M have some mom jeans that are popular and the fit seemed quite good I thought. Mango do too. I also used to have a pair from New Look which actually lasted really well and were something like £13 on offer! I’d size down as they do stretch.

Lots of people rate Levi’s too - a classic x

I like the HM straight high. Worth trying a few pairs if ordering online to get the sizing right

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Topshop is always a winner. Best quality for high street and their sizing options come in waist and length - they still have such a great range on asos!

I swear by Pull & Bear mom fit jeans, they do them in different colours and washes. They are super comfy and quite durable too x

Another vote for Abercrombie, I find them super flattering. The dad jeans are the best IMO x

I love my Weekday Rowe Jeans!
They’re a great fit and sizes also come in waist and length so there’s something for everyone x