High Street Mock Crock Black Tote Tips

Hi @lucyhough, @emmabigger, @sapnarao and Community!
I’d seen a lovely Aspinal black croc tote in the sale and missed it. If anyone has tips for something similar (or similar to the Osprey ones) but for a more budget-friendly price (in January!), I’d be so grateful. Looking for a good tote that is smart for work, practical but nice to use ‘out’ as well as for the office.

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I saw this one yesterday and thought it is a great high street buy. The two handle lengths would be so useful and I love the slouchiness of the shape.

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thank you @Florenceeyres - good spot.
I’d ideally wanted black for being more classic and versatile - Aspinal have this left in tan, love to hear your thoughts on tan vs black (their black is the one I’d wanted but have missed).

You really can’t beat a great classic black tote! So great for work.

This is such a bargain and looks way more expensive than it is…

Also spied this preloved one leather one on eBay…



Fantastic tips @emmabigger thanks x million :raised_hands: xxxxxx

Hi Sam

Moda in Pelle have a black mock croc tote on Sale.
It has handles and a detachable cross-body strap, plus a separate matching internal pouch.
The pouch also has metal loops, so can become a smaller cross-body bag using the strap.

Thank you - sorry I missed this last week but appreciate the tip!

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No worries!
Hope you found something suitable. :slight_smile:

Hi Sam

Don’t know if you found a black mock croc tote, but this Valentino option has just come up in my emails and is £56 if you use promo code OUTLET20 at checkout.

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