High waisted faux leather trousers / leggings

Looking for high waisted faux leather trousers for hourglass figure - and short girl please

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I would recommend looking at Abercrombie, they have a big selection of different vegan leather trousers styles and the quality is really good, they’re very soft!

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Have a look at Mint Velvet, they have some good options at the moment. I have the faux leather leggings which fit and wear really well for the price :heart:

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Check out Esprit: https://www.esprit.eu/search?q=leather+leggings&search-button=&lang=en_IE

Mango have a few options too, at a reasonable price point, like these:


The split hem makes them interesting and I like how they have styled with a belt in one of the images too.

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I have black and brown faux leather jeggings from Tu and always get compliments when I wear them - with heeled ankle boots and a long shirt or sweater.

M&S also do faux leather jeggings in a range of colours and lengths, including Short. Pewter is on trend for the metallic look and is a useful colour. If you are a Sparks cardholder, there is currently an offer on all trousers and jeggings.

M&S also

Finally, M&S also sell Sosandar, though these might be a bit long for you…

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Thanks so much for all the suggestions. So appreciated :pray: