High Waisted Straight Jeans

Help…looking for high waisted straight jeans that are not baggy in thighs, come in different lengths preferably 100% cotton or just 1% stretch . Have tried Weekday as love the quality, but didn’t suit .
Have narrow hips , but waistline doesn’t match ! Slightly boyish shape I guess & small frame .
Getting fed up of returning jeans !
Price point preferably below £60.

Thank you , not an easy request I know :thinking:



My go-to for good priced and good quality denim is actually Abercrombie, they’ve got so many different styles and cuts in a variation of colours and washes.

Maybe some of these are what you’re after:



Thank you so much , will have a look & maybe order a few to try :blush:

Abercrombie all the way x

I really like H&M for denim on the high street! I spotted this pair this morning and think they look like a good option for what you are looking for https://www2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.1136205011.html

I also think the new Massimo Dutti denim is looking great, I am going to try these

Thank you , but neither have length options :pensive:

Mint Velvet is slightly over budget but is great for different lengths!

Thank you Florence , appreciate :blush:

I totally understand the struggle of finding the perfect pair of jeans, especially when you’re looking for something specific. I’d suggest;

  1. ASOS Design: Their High Waisted Rigid Jeans often come in a range of lengths and have minimal stretch. They’re great for a slightly boyish frame and are usually under £40. Their ‘Tall’ and ‘Petite’ ranges can be particularly helpful if you’re looking for different lengths.

  2. Topshop: While Topshop has changed a bit since being taken over by ASOS, their jeans still retain the quality and fit they were known for. Their straight-leg jeans, particularly the ‘Raw Hem Straight’ style, might just be what you’re looking for. They usually have a mix of 99% cotton and 1% elastane, which gives that tiny bit of stretch you’re after.

  3. H&M: The H&M straight jeans are worth checking out. They often offer 100% cotton options, and the price point is usually around £30-£40. Their fit can be quite flattering for a small frame with narrow hips.

  4. Levi’s via Outlets: While Levi’s might be slightly above your price point at full price, you can often find them at a discount through outlets or sales. The Levi’s 501 or 724 Straight might suit your body type and they often have a variety of lengths.

  5. Uniqlo: Their High-Rise Straight Jeans are a good bet. Uniqlo is known for quality at a reasonable price, and these jeans offer a bit of stretch with 99% cotton and 1% elastane blend.

Good Luck, I hope you find that perfect pair soon!

Thank you so much , lots to look at , which is always a good thing . Hopefully will find the perfect pair soon ! :blush:

I rate H&M for denim. These looks good:

Have a look at Free People - they have such a good selection of styles and brands and also cater for different lengths! x

I like them too , but way too long. Im 5ft 3 inch & they don’t do petite ( saying that for some reason petite are usually to short on me ! ) The jeans I have looked at so far following response from Sheerluxe , are either sold out in my size , or my size not available . Ideally I don’t want any stretch, as they just get bigger as I wear them . Appreciate you messaging though , will keep looking . :blush:

I am 5’2’’ and I usually find the right fit everywhere else and get them tailored at my local tailor. I ask them to finish with the existing hem so you can’t tell they have been taken up. That way I’m not so restricted with shapes and styles. x

I agree with Saroop! I just got the 90s straight pair from Abercrombie in the short length (they have a size guide) and they are the perfect for a straight leg that are in the middle of skinny and baggy!

Just ordered a pair 29 short , so hope they fit !