Holiday with baby?

Has anyone got any recommendations for hotels abroad or in the UK in late May with a three month old baby? Thanks

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We always enjoyed staying at the esplendido in Port Soller Mallorca with our first. It’s a great place to go out of season as not as busy and has a lovely pool on a terrace behind the hotel or the beach in front. Probably 40 mins from the airport and the weather should be great for a little one at that time as not too hot.


To be honest we’ve just carried on going to places we would have probably gone to anyway. Both my 4yr old and 6 month old flew transatlantic at 4 months. They’re a lot more portable the younger they are! Just be prepared to take a lot of extra baggage and loads of nappies and change if outfit for both of you in your hand luggage!
As for UK we always found Center Parcs and really good!

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