Home gym recommendations

In the process of designing and planning a home gym. Does anyone have any tips or good advice - ideas on flooring, ventilation, specific products, accessories? x

I hunted high & low for dumbells and in the end got this range from decathlon - they’re comfy & easy to hold, don’t break the bank and come in good weight ranges https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/mp/trackpack/neoprene-black-dumbbells-5kg/_/R-p-1a755095-67ac-493d-8e96-ad58031b5fcc?mc=1a755095-67ac-493d-8e96-ad58031b5fcc_c1&c=BLACK.

I also think kettlebells are great, lots now available on ebay since the pandemic is over.

Start small with kit, you realise how little you need to be able to do a lot. Also too much kit just takes up space and it’s space you need. My husband laid the floor in our gym himself - it used to be a workshop - some self leveler and then he put down square sponge mats.

Thanks so much! Out of interest, where you did you get the square sponge mats? Were they easy to find?

A friend of mine launched a functional at home gym bench that isn’t ugly or take up lots of room! Worth checking out Functional Exercise Bench — INSIDESWEAT

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Amazing, thank you! A bench is great idea!

We had some good advice on the site here What To Consider When Planning A Home Gym | SheerLuxe

this is the flooring i have. it’s durable and not too hard.

We got these as they’ve got some give to them 16mm Rubber Gym Floor Tiles