Honeymoon/holiday outfit planning

I’m off on my honeymoon in April to Colombia! :smiley:
Any suggestions for nice (affordable) relaxed beach outfits/coverups and summer dresses (to rent or buy)?
Thanks so much!

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Hi Alice, how exciting! What an adventure that will be. I have been favouring a linen coord on summer holidays recently, i find it really versality to just throw on a linen shirt over swimwear and then can wear as a set and feel like a bit more of an outfit. I have the With Nothing underneath hemp set in blue and white and wore them both all summer. You could also look at renting a linen dress from Sleeper, they have so many beautiful shapes and colour perfect for relaxed holidays.

Hi Alice, ooh, this is so fun!
Agree with Lu. Coords make it so easy to dress. I have a couple of linen sets from Arket which have been great and also a couple of silk sets which fold to nothing and are lovely in the evening with some mega gold jewellery. If you’re looking to spend a bit more, Casa Raki have some great pieces. At this time of year, it’s worth looking in the matches sale and also TheOutnet to snap up some great pieces for less.
Have the most amazing time!

Congrat’s Alice, there are some easy wearing coords from the editbrandcollection.com
Super comfy in the heat, and perfect for day in to night with the option of a matching jacket.

For beach outfits, think flowy dresses and light cover-ups. Hit local markets for affordable finds or check out rental spots.