Hormones and Vitamins - recommended tests for deficiency

Hi, at 51 I am acutely aware I am peri-menopausal, although definitely not in full blown menopause. I have good exercise and eating habits, however I would be really interested to have a professional consultation on hormone and vitamin deficiencies. Can anyone recommend any clinics please? I live in Lincolnshire, but I am prepared to travel.
Thank you.


Pippa Campbell is great and offers virtual consultations: https://www.pippacampbellhealth.com/

The Bronte Clinic is also fab and although they are based in London, they offer virtual sessions too: https://thebronteclinic.com/

Also have a look at Medichecks, they offer a range of blood tests, which you can have done at a local clinic. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve used Medichecks! Highly recommend: https://www.medichecks.com/

Really hope that helps x


Amazing, thank you for these links & advice x

The London Clinic of Nutrition is fab

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