How has your style changed since beautiful Bobbie’s arrival?

Hi Lou,
I’m finding it’s a long process to get back into finding my style since having my daughter and wondering if or how you have found your style has changed since having Bobbie. Are you having to make different fabric choices, experimenting with styles you didn’t feel you suited before or sticking to your faithful items. Thnx :two_hearts:


@cara.aylward just to let you know you are not alone 🫶🏼 I’ve had three boys (my youngest being 7 months) and am really struggling to find myself again and to get out of sweatshirts and leggings! Having studied and worked in fashion most of my life I just feel so lost. Hopefully Lu will have some tips for us :smiling_face:

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I can definitely relate :two_hearts: thank you

Hi both,

Totally understand where you are coming from and think a lot of people feel this way. I found it particularly during pregnancy when i was still working as my lifestyle and wardrobe needs were the same as before, but my body was changing every week, the clothes / outfits that used to make me feel good no longer felt the same way so found it really hard to navigate.

The majority of maternity leave was all about comfort and practicality - I lived in tracksuits and matching sets and that became my new ‘uniform’. Going back to work really helped me feel like i got my ‘style’ back, as getting dressed had a new purpose, and i could wear the things that made me feel more polished and put together again. I found it helpful to have an occasion to dress up and where something that makes you feel good, then immediately get home and put on my comfies and transform into mummy mode.

Please feel free to send me a DM if you want to chat more specifics on finding your style again as its so hard to navigate. x

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Sorry Lu I’ve only just seen this response! Thank you for your advice and again at the live podcast, super helpful 🫶🏼