How much attention do you pay to prescriptive fashion advice?

Hey Charlotte! How much attention do you pay to fashion advice concerning what’s considered to be the ‘best’ colours or most ‘flattering’ clothing shapes for you? I find it’s a balancing act between what looks ‘good’ and my actual taste - and I find those two don’t intersect very often. I’m a petite hourglass, but don’t love what the internet recommends I wear. What advice do you have for balancing those things? Thanks, Charlotte!

P.S. If you know any stylish petite/hourglass ladies on Instagram, please share.


I think that’s such a good question. Ultimately, everyone else in the world could tell you you look great in something, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel it. Style is so personal, and we all know there’s nothing worse than leaving the house in an outfit you don’t feel good in. So I’d say it’s almost 100% irrelevant what anyone else thinks, as long as you feel confident. The difficultly comes if you’re not really sure what your personal style is, or what makes you feel good - in which case i’d find one outfit you feel great in, and really dissect what it is about that, and try to apply it to others. xx


That makes sense, thank you - I love the idea of taking a more granular approach to fashion. After your article on finding your ‘3 words’ I started following Amy Smilovic and she’s great at outfit dissection. Definitely something I’ll look at doing. Thank you, Charlotte! xx

oh i’m so pleased, yes I also think the three words is such good advice. Sharing here for anyone looking:

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