How to fill this corner of my living room

Help!! Suggestions of what to add here

to fill this empty corner of my living room.


Maybe a book shelf or a corner unit:

Or maybe a bar cart:

I think a tall plant would be lovely here! Or a floor lamp would look good too, I guess it depends what’s on the rest of that side of the wall/what you need. Nothing too fussy or that takes up too much space as you have the unit next to it

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Lots of ideas here in this feature I wrote

How about a plinth with a nice vase?

Hi @poppyphillips a tall plant or floor lamp would look great in this corner of your living room. A floor lamp will add an additional layer of cosy lighting where as a plant will add some freshness and greenery. If you need some friendly expert help with your home, we’re The Living House an affordable online interior design company. (We love your prints by the way!)