How to make dresses work for cold weather

I’ve recently returned to work after mat leave and now have to go back into the office twice a week post-pandemic. Needless to say, I feel totally stuck about how to dress for work again……Anyway, my current dilemma related to this is how to make dresses work for this super cold weather.

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Hi, I would recommend lined tights, they’re cosy and still keep you look chic. Additionally a pair of knee high boots with a midi skirt is always a strong look.

Also depending on the dress you can wear a thinner, thermal roll neck top underneath, or wear a long-sleeved thermal tshirt/vest that won’t show under the dress.

Also if you have a longer dress length with knee high boots, you can wear leggings or thermal trousers underneath the dress to keep you warm too!

Totally agree! Thermal vests / roll necks and thermal tights do help to keep you warm. Knee high boots make the outfit look chic and stylish whilst keeping you warm. Also you can add layers on top of the dress such as sweaters or cardis and jackets.

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I can’t leave the house without a base layer at the moment! I think now is the time to stock up on a couple, they are just so useful to layer under every outfit. We have just run an edit of the best here

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I recently bought 2 fine cashmere mix roll necks from Intimissimi and I’m currently wearing them on repeat. Super fine knit to wear under dresses but so warm and such a good base. Currently they are 3 for 2 so I would buy in grey, cream and black or navy.

M & S have the best thermal layers in my opinion, their Heatgen range is amazing.

For layers on top…throw on a chunky roll neck over your dress with knee high boots or belt a chunky knit cardigan. Also knitted tabards/sleeveless jumpers are always super useful and can be worn over everything.


Thank you. All this advise is super helpful. One last question… thoughts on tights?

I love tights from Calzedonia. Soft and very long lasting, great sizing and colour choice. Even have a thermal range! Haven’t tried it myself yet, but love it when the tights are a bright colour to match dress or shoes, rather than black or neutral. Looks very sophisticated and pulled together IMO.