How to promote a clothes swapping event?

I organise clothes swapping events and am looking to reach out to my target audience (which is mostly this community!) and I’m interested in what people think the best places to promote are these days? Other than SL of course! Is it all about the Instagram and influencers?
Also what is the item you don’t know how to get rid of / upcycle / recycle?

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do post the details here!
have you tried next door?

Thanks so much @georgiecoleridgecole - I didn’t know if that was allowed! The business is called Verte and we aim to help young professionals, mostly female, to swap premium high street clothing. This is our website. We’ve got the following events coming up - all ticket links are on our website or follow us on Instagram to keep up to date :slight_smile:

1st April - in Peckham (10am-1pm)
19/20th April - 30 Fenchurch Street (10am-6pm)
26th April - 58 Redchurch Street (7-9pm)
4th May - Brixton Village (7pm)
21st May - combined swap with Yoga in East Dulwich (2pm)

amazing. Have shared with a couple of the team. what a great concept gx