How to store skincare and makeup


I’m looking for nice chic, minimal ways to store my skincare and makeup.

I currently have a cupboard from ikea in my bathroom but I want it to look all cute and organised so wondering how everyone stores their beauty products.

Any suggests and picture inspo would be amazing please

Added a picture of the chaos I’d like organised


I’d be tempted to go to either Muji or Ikea and buy a few clear matte boxes and store things in different categories (eg one for face, one for hair, one for make up…etc -you decide how you separate, could be per what is being used and in separate boxes; what is to used. I’d then either label with a Dymo label writer or just keep your stash elsewhere, maybe not on the shelves. But that’s just me, you do what works for you.


Ah yeah I forgot about Muji, they do create storage soltuions. I’ll have to have a look!
Thank you, great advice! x

Muji is FAB! All of my bathroom organisers are from there - this one is my favourite as it fits perfectly in my mirror cupboards:

Everyone has said it but Muji is FAB.

There is some handy inspo in here too:

I also really rate hanging storage for behind doors - it’s out of sight and mind but neat and tidy x