How to wear Timberland Boots with style!

Hello ladies! I’ve been bought a pair of Timberland boots (from my hubby) I’m not convinced by them, but hoping to wear on a NYC trip we have coming up. Can you pls help me understand how to wear them with style & some level of femininity? Thank you

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I’m so here for the revival of the timberland boots and I reckon they’re going to make a strong comeback. I’d personally pair them with some baggy, relaxed fit blue washed jeans (sitting ontop of the boots) , with a simple white crew neck t-shirt and a v-neck sweater on top for that American relaxed look.
Alternatively I also think a pair of wide leg leather trousers can also work well sitting over the boots.

To show off the boots i still think a pair of leggings, some chunky socks that can be seen and an oversized bomber jacket is a strong look.


Wow!!! Saroop you’re a star, this is AMAZING advice - such great tips, I wouldn’t have thought of any of these and you’ve actually got me excited about wearing them, as opposed to feeling anxious. Thank you so so much!!