Hunt for a Stylish Tie for my Groom

I’m getting married on 23 July (literally next week)!

We are really struggling to find a stylish tie for my groom, his best man, and 2 ushers.
I am shocked at how little choice there seems to be nowadays.

Groom is wearing a navy suit with a baby blue very subtle check and a baby pink shirt.
Best man and users are in mid-blue plain suits with the same shirt.
Bridesmaids are in blush/nudish pink.

He wants something stylish, different and punchy, but nothing that could be considered naff.
He was fancying something floral, but everything we have looked at seems to be so boring.

We have bought some ties (navy with a pale pink spot) but they seem quite formal and are not rocking our boat, even though they do ‘match’.

I can see there is a definite gap in the market for styish ties!
Any ideas would be much appreciated.
We’ve tried M&S, John Lewis, Hawes & Curtis, every menswear shop on the high street AND several hours online.

I’d love to know if there’s anywhere you lovely lot can recommend.
Thank you.

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Oh my goodness! Stressful! It’s quite hard to suggest for this without seeing the suits and shirts IRL but Moss Brass has a good selection, also check out the Outnet. They have brands like Dunhill and Zegna at discounted prices. Good luck! x

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Try Reef Knots. Or for a treat Hermes gx

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Thank you for the recommendations! x

Hey! If you’re going for a treat then Ferragamo are always my go-to when I buy presents for my fiancé. Otherwise, eBay have some amazing vintage finds (Hermes included) so there are wonderful options there. X

I highly rate The Tie Shop (a shop which is based in Rome):

Also have a look at E Marinella:

Hi Leanne

Van Buck have a wide range of floral ties, with quite a few pink / blue combinations.

There is also The Tie Garden, with some very flamboyant floral prints.

Ties Online also have a few blue and pink floral options.