Hydra facials

Has anyone tried a hydra facial and had good results?

Anywhere / person to recommend?


I would really recommend hydrafacials. They don’t have the same ‘spa’ feel as a deeply relaxing/aromatherapy facial, but they are purposeful, effective and follow a consistent formula. I find that you can achieve what you need in the express option, as the longer options are much more expensive and only add a bit of LED or lymphatic drainage. The express includes exfoliation, a light peel and hydration to finish.

Thanks so much zara! Can I ask how many treatments you had?

I now factor them into my routine and try and have one every 2 months. I think they suggest a short course of, say, 4-6. You need to leave sufficient time between treatments because of the ‘peel’ element. Hope that helps

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Thanks so much, super helpful!

Hydrafacial are THE BEST. For a hydrafacial on steroids I’d recommend the spa at The Rosewood. One treatment (get the LED ad on and go for the stronger acid - it’s fine for sensitive skin too - every 6 months is such a good start. They do lots of offers throughout the year so may have one for Christmas xx

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I love them. Really make my skin nice and plump and hydrated. I like to get them at Askinology in the city.

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Hydrafacials are amazing and this is the place to go … https://www.mirabelclinic.co.uk/

More than just Hydrafacial too - 1st class

I love a Hydrafacial - they really give you a thorough cleanse, with multiple steps that really go deep and you’re left with a great post-spa glow! I booked one through their website here and have also been to the Cavendish Clinic x

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I have been treated to a few Hydra Facials on special occasions. I went to the Richmond House Beauty Salon in Otterbourne, Hampshire. The staff are fantastic and explain everything as it happens. You can opt to have the automatic Hydra Facial, or a manual one which I prefer. It is a lovely Spa like experience. Once complete, your face feels smooth and it really is a lovely experience.

OMG Sherri Hydrafacials are amazing. You won’t look back. They’re perfect if you are looking for an active facial (rather than relaxing) and I genuniely noticed a difference. The only downside is that they are quite pricey (especially in London). It is a franchise so most good clinics will be able to offer these xx

Oh perfect, thanks everyone! Looking forward to mine already!

I go to Harvey Nics in Edinburgh. I feel my skin does benefit I have to say as it feels clean and breakouts not as much if I do regular