I’m late to the party, but does anyone have a recommendation for a great (and affordable) HydraFacial in London?
Nothing too intimidating, please - I don’t fancy dressing up for the Rosewood !

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I had a really good experience at Pre salon in Angel - the staff are lovely and it’s very relaxed in there.

Just keep in mind that you’re advised to not use any actives on your face 2-3 days beforehand!

I had one in Harvey Nichols which was really good!

I really recommend skn clinic: https://www.sknclinics.co.uk/hydrafacial-in-london-harley-street

So good! LOVE a hydrafacial x


I’d really recommend Joanna at Medicetics for a fantastic Hydrafacial - I’ve had 2 now and love the results!

Thanks, everyone 🩷