Ibiza Friendmoon

Looking for recommendations for a 3 day / night Friendmoon in June. Approx 16 guests. Age 30-45.

Looking for:
Private chef / dining recommendations.
Charters for a boat trip to Formeterra.
Any other suggestions.


Last year I booked a private boat trip with SamBoat - our skipper was lovely and took us to all the hidden coves around the island, before dropping us off at Formentera for lunch. You can choose by type of boat and number of guests.

For private chefs I’d book with The Chef.

I’d also consider booking transport ahead or hiring some drivers as taxis on the island are a nightmare to find and v expensive!


Hey Sukie!

Some food recos I love to:

Es Torrent - genuine paella / rice place by a dreamy beach. Amazing food, not ridiculously expensive and quite local. They don’t have a menu and always have one rice of the day and fish. One of my faves.

Jondal - probably needs no intro, it’s been the hottest spot in the island for a long lunch with friends for over 3 summers in a row now. It’s very pricey, food is surreal.

Juntos House - you can’t live the island without visiting the beautiful farmlands. This farm to table restaurant is relatively new, last year they hosted a few fashion events (Gucci comes up off the top of my head) so it’s well known on the Gram.

Nudo - this relatively new spot is opened by a DJ that has been in the island for over 20 years (owner of Dalias club) and an awarded chef. Dua Lipa was seen there last summer.


Beso Beach - Super fun spot, great for a long boozy lunch with friends.

Casa Pacha - Gorgeous interiors, food is great and has a live DJ set around sunset time. We also grabbed dinner there last year and they had the most beautiful live band playing.

This should be more than enough for a 3 day trip. In terms of transport I recommend you book either a private chauffeur service if you can afford it, or rent cars. Taxis are a nightmare.

Consider a unique dining experience with a farm-to-table dinner at an agroturismo. “La Granja Ibiza” is one place where you can enjoy fresh, organic meals in a rustic, yet chic setting.