Ideas for Small bathroom wall art?

Bathroom wall art ideas

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Desenio is super affordable and has some great prints - perfect for the bathroom!

There are lots of suggestions on this other thread:

Mirror… pictures can get damaged

You’d need good framing to ensure pictures don’t get damaged in a steamy bathroom. I quite like a not so subtle theme - like this!

PSTR studio are great for affordable framed prints if you just want to cheer up the space.

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I too have a small bathroom and have different mirrors, ceramics and a print on the walls.

Rocket St George has fun quirky prints and or Poster Louge online has many prints to chose from in different sizes.

A slightly different alternative to wall art, but I have a few small rustic style shelves with artificial plants on!

If you have wall tiles on the walls you can switch up the decor with adhesive decals? Ones purposely created for bathtooms. We did this a few years ago, just applied the decals on top of the tiles which already had a floral design to them and it changed the style of the bathroom a fair bit.