In need of espadrille cleaning tips/services

Can anyone recommend an espadrille cleaning service in London? Or share any tips for cleaning the woven base of an espadrille?


Hi Jessica

If the uppers are suede, then it is also a good idea to invest in a suede block which removes marks and a soft brush (NOT wire) to raise the nap.

I have found that then using a soft white cloth (e.g. old white cotton T shirt) with foaming suede and nubuck cleaner works well on coloured uppers. Allow it to dry, then brush gently.

(There are lots of makes of these foams, suede blocks and brushes, which you can find in shoe shops, shoe repairers etc.)

This kit might be worth a try.

Not sure about the woven hessian base, but you could take a look at this.

Or perhaps try a dampened white ‘Magic Eraser’…