Investment property- in what area of London

We are looking into buying a small property ( 1 bedroom flat) in central London to rent out. A nice and secure area and close to the tube for easy transport. What area of London would you recommend? Other things we should consider? Leasehold or not? We live abroad, so wont be able to follow up all the time.

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Everyone I know seems to be gravitating towards Elephant & Castle. There’s loads going on round there at the moment – and it’s really well connected/walkable.

I bought in Elephant and castle 3 years ago and can confirm its developing fast with lots of great one and two bed flats, new restaurants and bars etc. The location is very good to get to everywhere in London from south to east and you’re in central in a flash! We are leasehold and with that you need to consider if you can afford the additional costs of ground rent, service charges etc. But new properties are easier to maintain and do have a level of warranty with them and the appliances inside which is a bonus over older London buildings.

As a landlord myself, and especially with you living abroad I’d highly advise working with an agent who has a really great property management sector as they’ll take all those little stresses away from you should anything go wrong (general maintenance issues etc) - having a direct contact that deals with everything on your behalf is just such a weight off your shoulders.

That being said smaller properties are of course much easier to manage - especially if you’re looking to buy new build rather than an older property. As Mia says I’d spend some time considering whether leasehold is right for you as it can pull up lots of extra costs but it does also mean that any building issues don’t fall solely on you which you may prefer being abroad.

I’ve had my property with Stirling Ackroyd for years and can’t recommend their services more highly - the Central Property Services team in particular are so knowledgeable so they’d definitely be able to advise you on what’s best for your own circumstances. We own in Surrey but I know they also cover across London too - wish you loads of luck with it all :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will def have a look around that area. As I live abroad, that´s an area that was not on my radar at all. Thank you!

Thank you so much. Looked at older buildings for the charm, but so true about new buildings and warranty etc. Will def look into the area :slight_smile:

Thank you for a very informative answer! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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