Invisalign - Is it worth it? Any nightmare stories? Top Tips

I’m thinking about getting Invisalign, I don’t necessarily need recommendation’s on where to get it done (although open to hearing!) but do people have any stories/tips/advice on getting them and anything to look out for?! Like is it worth the money? and do you think bonding is needed?

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100% worth it!

Yes! 100%. Quite admin heavy when you’re in it but the best decision. You won’t look back.
I did edge bonding at the end rather than full bonding as I think it gives a more natural look.

Totally worth the money! Obviously I don’t know what your teeth look like, but usually everyone is so happy with the results. It is definitely very admin heavy and you need to be committed to the process - there’s no point getting them if you don’t wear them most of the day. It will only delay your treatment. I had mine just after Christmas for a few months which I would recommend just before summer fun. I didn’t have bonding, but I know people who did and it doesn’t have to happen immediately after if you want to save some money. Hope this is helpful!

So worth it BUT I am 2 years in after an initial 9 month plan…because I didn’t wear them enough as they gave me a lisp…but on the final straight now… thank god!

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To be honest… the first few days were literally hell. My dentist had to widen the distance between a few teeth to create enough space for my front teeth. Also later in the process my teeth needed to be shaven a bit which hurt even more.
A lot of people also don’t realize that the dentist will put little glue like pieces on your teeth so the braces will stay in place. (If that makes sense) in my case I had lots of these little dots on my teeth which I think were totally visible. It’s not like in all of the advertises shown on TV and so on, at least in my case!
Also: teeth hygiene is key. A lot of people don’t realize that you collect lots of bacteria in these braces which can lead to caries which is way I always brushed my teeth before I put the braces in and also the braces itself. That’s also the reason why I decided to have a retainer after finishing the process and not another pair of clear braces to wear over night.
After all for me it was absolutely worth it. I don’t regret it at all. I used to be so self conscious because of my teeth and it’s such a nice feeling to be able to smile and not to feel ashamed because of your teeth.


I’ve heard such good things about Invisalign and definitely good for those needing more minimal movement. I too want some dental bonding done - we recently did a feature on this if you’re looking for some idea of what to expect etc:

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I had it done over lockdown so was stuck with this for other 2 years. However, it was sooo worth it!! I started to notice significant changes half way through and others did too. It has done so much for my confidence. After care is key though! I have the bar behind my teeth and also wear a retainer a few times a week (should do more!). Sadly they will move back slowly if you don’t have the after care.

So helpful thank you! Worried I may have left it a bit late in time for my wedding in August but it is something I definitely want to get done at some point

So tempting! I am a bit bad at remembering to do the ‘things you’re supposed to’ but the money probably makes you stick to that aha!

Its the talking with them in that puts me off I think!

The taking off isn’t pleasant, but it doesn’t last long and you’ll be out of the chair in no time. Better to start the process asap if you have a special occasion coming up!

I know you think I would say this, but I’ve done Invisalign on my own teeth and think it’s amazing! Sometimes you only need a couple of months to achieve a really good result. Then there’s always Composite Bonding as well as or instead of Invisalign for very mild crowding. Get in touch if you’d like to ask any questions!

I went to see about closing a gap and was recommended Invisalign and although its taking longer than I had anticipated I know I will be happy with the results. My gap has closed and my smile has widened and now they are fixing a slight over bite. At first it all seemed like a chore but you really do get used to it and its funny when you are out cleaning your teeth how many people have either done it or are in the middle of doing it.
The attachments aren’t hugely obvious in my opinion although I did get a little paranoid when I first had them its just another thing you get used to.
If you were still mid treatment for your wedding Im sure they could take the attachments off and then put them back on again so you dont have them in for your pics. You also want to make sure your dentist offers you unlimited trays so you pay to get the results you want/ need and you get the trays you need until it is completed.

I looked into getting Invisalign before my wedding and had an initial consultation at the Harley Street Dental Clinic. The timings weren’t right in the end (I had left it too late!) but I was advised to do bonding and whitening. I didn’t appreciate how effective both of those together would be and would highly recommend if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to a smile makeover! I still sleep in my whitening trays every month and really feel I’ve got my money’s worth. Bonding can be transformational, imo! x

100% Worth it but you have to put the hours in and push through the pain. Agree on edge bonding and also be aware of maintenance, I still wear my final retainer most nights. Also I never learned to speak without a lisp when they were in…

SO worth it! The first week is quite uncomfortable and be prepared to commit to quite a few dentist appointments/maintenance but it’s worth every penny. I feel like you can’t put a price on the self confidence it’s given me :slight_smile:

It’s fantastic if you’re committed to it! I have almost finished and the difference is huge. Not sure you’ll have enough time before your wedding though so perhaps get a consultation booked in soon so you know what your options are.

Invisalign is one of the best things I’ve EVER done. The only scary part was my first appointment, when the dentist had to shave down a few of my front teeth, so they had space to move correctly. So I went from my teeth overlapping slightly to tiny gaps, which was daunting. But trust the process and now I’m 8 months in, my teeth look better than ever. 7 months in I had my general detist check-up and it was the first time she said to me that my teeth were looking ‘really great’. Remember, it’s not just cosmetic, it’s also for your dental health! Also, if you’re not entirely happy, you can always ask your dentist to ask Invisalign to see if they can extend your treatment (which I’m doing to tighten up the spaces). Definitely go for it. Plus, near the end of your treatment, you can include whitening too. I’m not bothering with any bonding, as I’m hoping the extended time wearing aligners to tighten everything up will do the trick.