Is Biab worth it?

I’ve been considering for ages but want to be sure!


It’s definitely worth it if you have weaker nails and are prone to chipping as it helps to strengthen them and the colour really does last for weeks with BIAB. There are heaps of benefits - only thing to note is you do get a slight pinging sensation when you put your nails under the lamp - it’s nothing mega but definitely worth noting before you have it!

I would be interested in hearing more in BIAB too!

I would love a Sheerluxe piece on all the different types of nails as I find it so confusing!

I had BIAB for the first time recently and it seems good so far. You can have normal gel on top (and change it) then have the BIAB infilled (a bit like extensions). You can’t soak the BIAB off as it’s hard gel, so you have to file it down if you want it removed, or you can just leave it to grow out.

BIAB definitely seems more hardwearing than just having normal gels but I don’t think it’s better than Biosculpture…

I’ve been on my Biab journey for about 6 months now and I couldn’t recommend it enough! My nails were so short and just weak all the time as I would gel them myself and then pick it off (do not do this!) I started with short & stubby nails and now they are so long & healthy. My job is very hands on and they have never chipped which is amazing as before they always would.

I get them done every 2-3 weeks depending on when I want and need fresh nails and get my Biab infilled and then re-done completely every 2 months or so! I also personally think my nails have been stronger with Biab rather than Biosculpture as they have chipped on the corners when I have had it done.

I go to my local nail salon back at home and they use the The Gel Bottle x

I would love to try BIAB too as I’ve heard such rave reviews! Does anyone know a good place that offers it in Fulham, Clapham or Kensington?