Is powdered collagen worth it?

I’ve tried collagen capsules and this just made me breakout. Wondering if powdered collagen is worth it. Read lots of conflicting articles online.

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I think dose and co has helped my hair become longer.

Powdered marine collagen has made a massive difference to my hair but I suspect that the occasional breakout I get is down to the collagen. The first few weeks were the worst but after 8 weeks I think it has settled down. My skin is no longer as dry as it has been and it looks healthier.

Not sure what capsules you’ve been taking, but if you prefer a capsule format, Ingenious Collagen is one of the best.

I personally think the dose of collagen tends to be higher in powders, but it’s personal preference. Look for hydrolysed collagen (which means it’s already been broken down and your body will absorb it better) with at least 10,000mg of collagen per dose. I rate Rejuvenated’s Collagen Shots.