Is the Goyard bag worth it?

Hi everyone!
Really love the look of a Goyard bag and I’m seeing them everywhere at the moment. But is the bag worth it? Or is it just a trend piece that’ll be replaced by another “it” bag in a few months?

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Hi, I don’t have one but when I looked into getting one they are really slouchy. Depends if you like that unstructured look. I’ve heard they are really thin for the price. Lots of videos on YouTube about it. Hope that helps. X

Had my original one over 5 years and it’s still going strong, just bought a second in bright red. Get the organisers to go with it to make things easier to find. It’s a classic so don’t think it will go the same way as some of the fad bags…

Hello! I think if you’re worried it’s a bit of a trend piece and you’re considering investing then I would go for something that’s a little more pared back. If your budget stretches then Celine and YSL have great totes so worth checking them out too before you take the plunge…

Hi, with bags I always ask myself whether I personally like the style and design or whether I’m following a trend as trends do typically fade. However, if you like the style and print of the Goyard I’d say go for it and remember it can always be sold in the future. x