Italian knitwear

Hi Jo
Love your style and lifestyle, you are such an inspiration :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Can I ask the brand of your mustard Italian dropped sleeved mohair cardigan please? I’ve been obsessed by it since I saw it :scream:
I’ve looked around and can’t find anything that looks similar
Thank you so much!


Its stunning isnt it…its from a shop called 66 in Bulstrode St in marylebone . I cant remember the lable…she has loads of their knitwear…if you call her…her name is Jane…she will be able to tell you xxx


Oh that’s fab Jo - thank you and yes, it’s just lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: x

Mustard mohair - that sounds right up my street! Can you please post back here if you find it Stephanie?

Hi - yes, Jo has mentioned above - it’s a shop called 66 and a lady called Jane. I did find them when I googled but haven’t called yet, I believe Jane works only certain hours :blush:

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Thanks! They don’t have a website so it’s an excuse to visit Marylebone. Apparently it’s quite a gem of a shop.

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Have fun!