Italian wedding guest outfit

Hello! I have a July wedding on the Amalfi coast, my first wedding ever! — need a cocktail dress for the drinks before and a long dress for the actual day. Budget is circa £500. I don’t want anything tight or silly (the weather!) and really love the Zimmermann vibe.

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I have my eye on this long dress for a wedding this summer, I think it would be lovely for the Amalfi coat and the floral print and cut out detail will give you that Zimmermann vibe

One of my favourite new brand discoveries is Filiarmi. It has lots of lovely cocktail dress options around the £500 mark… And lots of feminine details like ruffles and scallops. For something a bit more whimsical and romantic, try Australian brand Palm Noosa - the Melrose and Alta dresses are Zimmerman-like, and they do ship to the UK.