Jeans advice!

Hi! I would love some advice on where you would shop for jeans, and stylish but comfortable styles of jeans. I always have to try on a million pairs so would really like some advice so I can narrow down where to look :slight_smile: Thank you so much

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Hi! I always find that in person shopping is best for jeans, not always the most fun but normally necessary to find the right fit!

I would suggest going somewhere that has a variety of brands. If comfort is key for you I would really recommend trying Mother Denim, they are by far the most comfortable brand I’ve tried. I also find Citizens of Humanity really comfortable too and especially love the fit of this brand. Selfridges has a great denim area for this.

On the high street, I recently got a pair of Massimo Dutti jeans in store on sale that are so comfortable, the key here for me was that they were a relaxed fit. With lots of sales on at the moment it could be a great time to go and try!