Jeans for small legs

I am looking to get a really good pair of jeans that are semi fitted but not too tight - I really struggle as a 5’1 girl, and want to find some that don’t just sag and lose shape quickly. Ideally wouldn’t want to spend over £150, but willing to invest for the right pair/good quality/a really nice-looking denim. Any brand recommendations/items would be really welcome


I feel your pain! I always look for cropped styles and then generally I have to get them tailored even shorter! Agolde do great cropped styles- slightly higher price point but they keep their shape and they have cool modernn styles.

I love Seven For All Mankind, Paige or J Brand. You can often get them on sale at Brand Alley. Probably don’t do petite length so you will still need to get them shortened, but the cost saving will outweigh that expense!

My ultimate fave are Madewell Perfect Vintage, now only in the US which is the worst so if you return jeans its approx £50 postage! There’s a selection on Zalando and ASOS have started stocking some, so if you can work out your sizing by trying some pairs via those means then I would really really recommend! X

Deffo recommend gap slim fit vintage they’re so flattering! & have lots of leg lengths and the denim is great & comfortable. I’ve spent ££‘s and these don’t sag after one wear. They come in great colours too but oddly the leg lengths / waist can very between the different colour washes so you might want to order a few different options at first.
Agolde, Paige, mother are good for higher price points but honestly I’d still rate my gap jeans above some of them!

I seriously struggle with this too. Annoyingly Zara is the only place that seems to fit. The quality isn’t amazing but they do seem to last me and are very soft/comfy. Because the price tag is so affordable I tend to stock up on the ‘copped flare’ style in all colours. They are SO flattering with boots and trainers.

I find Abercrombie really good! They do jeans in an extra short length which is for 152cm also their Sloane trousers are :pinched_fingers:t2: