what are your most worn jeans? brand and style? x

Def my Anine Bing ettas - I have some new ones called the Roy with a slit which are cool
Then Levis Ribcage
Love H&M for denim too and Zara actually fit me well.
Also have some great Raey pairs
Used to live in Mother and great to see them really popular again gx

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Weekday Rowe jeans are great if you struggle with the length of jeans - I am 5ft 3 and can never find the right length, Weekday have waist and length options:

Not the most exciting but I personally love Zara jeans. I am 5’3 and really struggle with length. I always go for the cropped flare style as they sit just on my ankles and find them flattering. Super affordable and have them in most colourways!

I have been loving Levi’s for length and cut reasons, I am tall and find it great to be able to choose a longer length and still a flattering fit round the top! I mostly have 501s but I am thinking of trying the ribcage next…

I’m such a fan of all the Agolde jeans. I’m 5ft 4 and struggle to find jeans that I don’t have to get altered but they fit like a glove as they have so many length options! x

For a fairly classic straight-leg, I love Toteme. I have these in grey and blue and they’ve washed and worn so well - I