Job advice: Freelance writing tips :)

Hi all -

I’m working in PR and have been thinking about potentially moving into freelance writing work (I do freelance copywriting on the side but only for one client atm) -

Would love any tips on how to build up a client roster, ways to self-promote (website? LinkedIn?) etc. Any thoughts on editorial writing would be much appreciated as no idea how to get started with this without having built a portfolio.

Loads of qs there so appreciate advice/tips on any of the above :slight_smile:


Highly recommend signing up to Sian Meades-Williams’ Freelance Writing Jobs newsletter. Lots of great opportunities there and it’s updated weekly.


I think building up editorial experience is a question of emailing editorial directors/features managers and asking if they’re looking for freelancers - I guarantee more are than you think. If you don’t have a portfolio, look at their website and write up a mock article you think they might be interested in running to prove you have a good handle of the style and can write well (just remember to copyright it with a watermark so editors don’t steal your ideas). Then attach some examples of your other copywriting work so they can see you have some experience somewhere. You only need one or two companies to give you a shot and you’re well on your way. All I’d say is ask around as to who pays well and on time - I have friends who are waiting for invoices to be paid two years after the work was submitted.


I did something very similar and went from working in PR to working in editorial and the best thing I did was start a blog in the time in between. This not only is another way to build up some material to share when reaching out for freelance work/jobs - but its also a great way to keep practicing and keep up to date with trends and topics within your field so that you’re always inspired.

Also I totally agree with Harriet that writing mock articles for the places you’re reaching out to is such a good idea - especially so that they can see that you can adapt your writing to their specific style. x

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