Kindle Recs

I love reading but have a lot of travelling coming up, so want to get myself a decent kindle to take with me. I’ve never used one before as I love the feel of a book so it needs to be a good one otherwise I won’t use it! Any recommendations for which model/best place to buy?


Nice idea. It’s a bit more expensive compared to other models, but if you’re planning on reading by a pool etc, this one looks good as it’s waterproof –

It also claims that it reads more like a book thanks to tech updates – but I can’t vouch for that!

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Thank you, this looks perfect!

I have an old paperweight and it has served me well. Its no frills, but just what you need.

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If you don’t mind a refurbised one then take a look at CEX (you can buy online from them). I got a Kindle from there for £50 which has been great.

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Great! Thanks for recommending x

Great idea! I’ll see what they have in stock x