Knife Sets

I’m looking for a new set of knives for my kitchen, does anyone have any recommendations? Happy to invest :slightly_smiling_face:


These Our Place ones look lovely:

If budget isn’t an issue, chefs I interview always recommend Kin Knives and Blenheim Forge!

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I also really like Opinel! Kitchen knives set | Opinel

I really rate the Wusthof knives Wusthof Grand Prix II 3 Piece Knife Set (WT1320960301) -

Zwilling knives are excellent! ZWILLING Cutlery | Official ZWILLING Shop

Pro Cook have a great range including Japanese style knives. Good value, quality & price x

We have a Sabatier set which has been really good and lasted well

Procook is a fab online retailer for all kitchenware. I purchase a great set of Japenese knives. Amazing value & quality.

If you’re based in London, Kitchen Provisions in Stoke Newington has a good range of Japanese knives for a range of prices - really helpful customer service if you’re new to knives too! You really only need a few very good knives (paring knife, multi purpose/ chef’s knife & a bread knife) as opposed to a full set.
I recommend looking for ‘full tang’ - this means the blade runs all the way into the handle & much more secure rather than half tang.
I also hear Blenheim Forge if you’re looking to invest! They also do knife sharpening courses so you can learn how to keep them in good condition (though applies to any good knives!).