Landing a job in the Fashion Industry

Hi girls, love the show & the podcast.

As the title suggests, I am looking for some advice on getting a job in fashion with very minimal fashion related experience. I’ve just finished my English Lit degree but my work experience is very much corporate over creative. I’m looking at junior fashion assistant / writer / shopping editor type roles - any advice is much appreciated! :heartpulse: Ellie


Hi ellie, so glad to hear you love the vlogs & podcast!

My main advice would be to create evidence of your interest and abilities.

Gaining work exp in the field is always suggested - but we all know how hard it is to get this - plus it’s often unpaid. If you’re trying to get experience, cold emailing companies with interest and what you can do always helps you stand out.

I’d actually say though pre-applying for jobs or even work exp - you need to demonstrate your interest. Something I did was start to build a portfolio via a blog where I’d write about the topics I wanted to write for at a publication - e.g trends, fashion news etc. You could even create your own shopping edits to demonstrate your personal eye.

You can also (if you’re into it) use your instagram or tiktok as a means to build a portfolio too. Talk about trends, style looks and share what your style is like.

ultimately you need to show what you can do and use this when applying for roles and gaining experience xx

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Hey Ellie,

When trying to get into the fashion industry I think gaining some sort of relevant experience is important and something a lot of companies will look out for as it can be quite competitive. Of course I understand that this is easier said than done but I’m going to give some advice based on my own experience!

Before working at LG & SL I got experience in the industry working for freelance stylists and influencers assisting with styling and social media content. None of these roles were advertised – I managed to gain them by shooting my shot and reaching out to people via email. The easiest way to find freelancers is through Instagram, LinkedIn and online agencies that represent freelance stylists. I highly recommend starting here as so many freelancers are always looking for an extra pair of hands and they tend to have great connections within the industry which can help you get your foot in the door.

If you’re looking for experience that’s more along the lines of writing and editorial, reach out to publications that you’re interested in via email – most publications will have a “work with us” or “contact” page where you’ll be able to find some points of contact. When you’re reaching out, make sure the emails aren’t too long but demonstrate your interest in the industry and bring attention to any transferable skills you have. Plus, attach your CV and a portfolio if you have one!

Any of this experience would be great, even if you just do a week or two with one person or at one company it will give you something very relevant to put on your CV and talk about in interviews when applying for permanent roles.

I hope this helps & good luck! :cupid:

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Hey Ellie! Being a gal that didn’t go to uni or take the usual route into work, I feel you here. It’s so tough getting a foot in the door. There are accounts on Instagram like @assisting_work and @runthecheck which I found really helpful in one, learning about the kind of creative jobs that are out there and two, seeing how much there is out there. Assisting work is particularly good for getting experience in lots of different places, meeting lots of people and networking. Internships and work experience is also vital, which you can help yourself land into a full time role.