Laptop suitable everyday handbag

I’d love your help! I often have to take a laptop to work meetings and am in the need of a handbag that will fit a MacBook Air, look smart enough for a meeting but also could be used every day (ie. Not a laptop bag) and probably stuffed full of children’s snacks!

Do you have any recommendations on where to look? I’d be ideally looking for something in the under £300 mark but happy to invest a bit more for something really versatile and well made. Thank you!!


At this time of year a Dragon Diffusion bag is a good option for this price point. Being made from woven leather makes them smart enough for meetings (especially the darker colours) but would also be useful for day to day life too. There are several styles and I think the bigger sizes, like the Triple Jump, would fit a MacBook

We recently answered this on a TikTok & the team had some great recommendations: Replying to @Dalal A your next tote bag secured 🤝 #totebags #worktote... | TikTok

Demellier have a nice selection x

In the summer, I think you can get away with a little more informality. I just picked up this Stories purchase and am LOVING how much I can stash in it!

I highly recommend taking a look at Ameli Zurich bags! Their Instagram has lots of information and in my opinion it’s a great brand to support. I have the Viadukt Work and highly recommend it, the bags are beautiful quality.

i love a dragon diffusion vibe or basket bag but honestly have heard horrors of them losing shape etc with a laptop in there or anything too heavy so wouldn’t want to spend the money on it (if your main use is for laptops etc).

Alternatively go for a canvas style? I’ve just added this to my basket:

but if that’s a bit casual maybe go for:

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Longchamp Roseau bag in medium… I have this bag and the quality is great. So many compliments too

I just got this for work! Love the versaility - long adjustable strap or can hold the handles.

You always have me adding something to my basket Sapna!!

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I have to say I’m not a huge fan of carrying heavy work or every day bags, so would say to consider the strain the weight this will be putting on your shoulders if you’re carrying a laptop and lots of children’s snacks in it! Think about going with a bag that is lightweight to begin with. My personal experience with work bags, especially leather ones, is that they can be quite weighty even when empty.

You also want something that will keep your laptop safe and secure- so a pocket for it and top closure is essential - yes, it’s a laptop bag :slight_smile: LOL!!

I think both are clean and unfussy so great for everyday use and will make a great addition to your luggage collection.

Not a laptop bag :slight_smile: