Laser hair removal - IPL or SHR

Hi all - I’m looking to have laser hair removal and the two places that are closest to me (Wiltshire) offer different methods to each other and I’m not sure which is better? Anyone done any research on or have an opinion on whether IPL is better / more effective than SHR (Super Hair Removal) or vice versa? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I am not familiar with the term SHR however you need to check if he salon use a laser as IPL is not laser and that’s why its not as effective, I go to therapie in London that use laser. But I can’t recommend it enough! Such a game changer

I’ve had both in the past and SHR is definitely much more effective long term in terms of less hair regrowth than IPL. Best one I’ve had is Soprano Titanium

I’m not sure about SHR but I know that IPL is not permanent, but when I went through laser the clinic i went to used this machine and it was great and long lasting: Venus Velocity