Last minute things to remember

Do you have any advice for last minute things to remember in the run up to the wedding? Things that might easily be forgotten!

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  1. A steamer…that works! And do any steaming the night before, same for Bridesmaids if you’re having - you do not want to be steaming on your wedding morning, especially if you’ve had your hair and make up done.
  2. Enough hangers for whatever you need to hang - your dress, getting ready outfits, any outfit changes and Bridesmaid dresses etc.
  3. Audio for speeches - if you’re having speeches in a separate space to any music / entertainment there may not be microphones already set up already and if you have a lot of people in a room they won’t be able to hear if there is no microphone. Also if, whoever is doing the speech, wants some sort of music stand to put their speech on that’s also helpful to think about in advance.