Le Creuset Dupe

Looking for a Le Creuset-style hot pot but without the price tag? Budget of £60-£90


It’s a bit more work, but facebook marketplace always has lots of le creuset products for really cheap.

OR lodge does really nice cast iron pans for a pretty decent price, https://www.lodgecastiron.com/product/dutch-oven?sku=L2SP3

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Great idea, thank you for the hack!

Sainsburys cast iron collection is what you are looking for!

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Also I have this one from John Lewis and its good

Smart design on sale at ProCook too

Worth a look at Vancasso - the best range is on Amazon rather than their website, but I have gifted one in the past and it has been well loved and used since! :heart:


Here in the Netherlands there is a company called BK Bourgogne that does them. Just had a look and you can get them on sites like Wayfair in the UK so hopefully not paying extra for customs & shipping: https://www.wayfair.co.uk/kitchenware-tableware/pdp/bk-cookware-bourgogne-cast-iron-round-casserole-u001467046.html?piid=1398600665%2C1398600671

I see Lecreseut in TK Maxx also the time, worth popping in to see if you can get the real deal for a fraction of the price

Hi Daisy!

Lots of Le Creuset on SALE here:

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I’ve found all of mine in Tk Maxx and Homesense so definitely worth a root around! x


Thank you so much!

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HomeSense is a great shout!

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They have a warehouse sale if you fancy a trip to Andover … not sure of the price point but just flagging that they have one!


Pro cook have great quality products

Hey Daisy, I was in Lidl today and they have dupes of the large oval LC pot in a range of lovely colours in their middle isle. Pretty sure it was <£35. I got my cast iron pot (round shape) from Argos and it’s held up really well.

Definitely worth checking out TKMaxx, I have an amazing pot that is similar and you wouldn’t know it’s not Le Cresuet!
Ebay too!!