Leaving Present for my Boss

Hi everyone,

My boss is leaving the firm after 25 years (I have only worked with him for one and a half years) at the end of October and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas what leaving present I could give someone who already has everything? He loves to travel and food but also here as seen literally everything. Thank you in advance for your help! Best wishes, Sandra

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Smythson make lovely travel journals - I have this one which someone bought me as a gift and I use it all the time!

Otherwise do you have budget (from your team) for something bigger? Carl Frederik do the best mens’ luggage - everything is super stylish and lasts a lifetime.

A foodie hamper is always a good idea! Fortnum’s obviously is a great shout. But Cutter & Squidge, do great ones also!

If he loves to travel, I think you can’t go wrong with a Mr & Mrs Smith voucher!

A voucher for somewhere like the River Cafe is a lovely gift!