LED Face Masks

I recently had an LED facial at The Light Salon in Harvey Nichols and was very impressed with how my skin looked afterwards. Thinking of investing in a LED mask - are they worth the investment? X


I love The Light Salon - noticed a difference straight away. Also temped to purchase an LED mask! x


I have one and love it! You just have to try to be consistent with it. Beauty Pie have recently launched this one is a really good price in comparison to other brands. It has sold out but looks like they are restocking.

Agreed with all the above comments, consistency is key with these devices as your skin needs to get used to it.

I personally think The Light Salon’s remain the best, but there are plenty out there for different price brackets. xx


Definitely. I have the light salon one and have been using it about x4 times a week for the past couple of months and have definitely noticed a difference in my skin - much smoother texture wise and more of a glow. It has a self timer for 10 mins and is comfy so you can just sit and chill or even watch TV in it. Super easy to fit into an evening routine. I say go for it!

I have been using the Current Body LED mask 3x a week since Christmas and I not only love the ritual of it, but I have noticed less redness, reduced scars and also my skin looks more glow’y!

I also have this one!
LED Face Mask | Red Light Therapy Masks | CurrentBody Skin UK

Just recently started using it regularly so I am looking forward to hopefully seeing the results!