Letter necklace

Can anybody recommend where I can find personalised name necklaces? I’ve got in mind a design with the individual letters on like charms rather than an engraving. Hope that makes sense!


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Carrie Elizabeth has some really great options. I bought this one not long ago and I love it: https://carrieelizabeth.co.uk/products/custom-made-pearl-wordy-necklace?variant=43457897005213&currency=GBP&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gad_source=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIh96Wlc-YgwMVMpRQBh378QKQEAQYASABEgKVAfD_BwE

Check out Tata Borello:

Sezane also offer letter necklaces: https://www.sezane.com/eu/product/sara-pendant-9-carat-gold-letters-i-to-p/letter-m#size-TU

PdPaola has a range of letter necklaces and letter charms. I really like the charms, as you can fix them to specific parts of the chain

A few brands I’d recommend are Edge of Ember, Aurum & Grey and Otiumberg,

We recently ran a feature on site that also has lots more options! x