Lisbon - kid friendly beach club


We’re hitting Lisbon at the end of August and will travel out to do a beach day.

I’ve seen some comments about beach clubs and wondered if anyone could recommend one which would be suitable to take our nearly 11 year old with us.

Fancy a ‘nice’ beach day with some comforts (nice day beds, drinks, food rather than the music/party scene - which im sure would ramp up later anyway)

I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations?


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I went to Casa Reia a few weeks ago and there were a few families there having lunch and lounging by the sea. There are comfy day beds, some music (not very loud in the day) and a great seafood restaurant (which you need to book separately).

I went to Princesa last year which I would recommend. Music ramped up a bit towards late afternoon / evening but it was chilled during the day