London hotels (for work)

Likely a long shot, but has anyone come across any London hotel gems that are under £300/night? Ideally under £250? I come down quite a bit for work but struggle to find anywhere decent to stay for that budget. Not overly fussy re location but def central and ideally kings cross, soho etc so not so much city. Any tips would be much appreciated!


Hi Amy

Just a thought… How about joining a members’ club with rooms?

This could be military, linked to your university or industry / occupation.
Or you might know someone who is a member of a club and who can book you accommodation as a guest?

Below is a link to Soho Friends, which is only £100 per year to join, so no doubt your employer would be willing to cover that…

If you ask around, I am sure you will find others.

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Wilde Aparthotels are usually really well priced, they’re really lovely and all locations are very central x


Hey Amy,

I would look at Air BnB, they have a lot of amazing apartments in central at a much more affordable price than a hotel!

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I would look at The Pilgrim in Paddington, Assembly Hotel in Charring Cross, and any of the Locke apartments - all affordable, boutique options


Love CitizenM, multiple hotels in central London. My favourite is Tower of London with a rooftop bar and a gorgeous view. Joining as a member gives discounts and freebies.


These are all great recs, thank you!

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H10 Waterloo is amazing and they do great deals :+1:t2: