Long haul flight snacks

Recommended long haul flight snacks …

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I’ve never flown long haul so I’m possibly the least experienced to comment but I am an avid snacker! Perhaps a protein bar? I love the Fulfil ones. Ginger shot to avoid any germs or a juice/ smoothie? Light snacks like popchips or Eat Real. The minute I step on a plane I bloat (joy!) so I usually try to avoid anything too heavy x

I usually always go to Pret pre flight and pick up some dark choc corn cakes, a smoothie, fruit pot and a jamon buerre sandwich, as I usually forget to bring snacks with me! If you can bring a sachet of Pip & Nut to pop on corn cakes or rice cakes that’s filling and healthy too, also just discovered love corn covered in chocolate which are fab! x

Take as many snacks with you as possible as no there’s no limit on food you can take through!

I like to take a zip-lock bag with popcorn and some salty Hip pretzels. I also love a pack of Jaffacakes, breadsticks, and some dried fruit for a bit of balance.

Plus a bag of Candy Kittens is always a good idea! Just no nuts!

These are also v addictive

I always take nuts and seeds because plan food is so heavy and salty. Agree about popcorn too! Plus I always buy a big fruit salad at the airport.

I also love dark choc coated rice cakes - so good for a sweet hit without the long haul bloat!

It’s boring, but despite all the snack advice I’d buy plenty of water once you’re through customs - they will have baskets of snacks you can choose stuff from on long haul flights if you go and ask the stewards, but I always find they’re so mean with water! And snacks at altitude make me so thirsty… (I’m not saying instead of! just as well as …)

Agree with lots of water. As well as a refillable bottle (be sure refill before you get on the plane!) pick up another litre bottle (or the biggest you can find). I would also pack some rehydration tablets - love the FourFive Hydration tablets, Hydration Tablets | Informed Sport Tested | fourfive

Snacks - lots of fresh fruit and I’d make some energy balls using Haksapa berry powder, one of the most nutrient and antioxidant-dense berries. Great for supporting immunity while you travel: Haskapa Superfood Berry Powder - Single Pack | Haskapa